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Bin Loading Instructions

Large construction and household bins will possibly be going straight to Hartland Landfill. You must comply with the Hartland Landfill regulations.

Limits & Restrictions:
Drywall Gypsum –  Must be kept separate from all other materials as it can’t be landfilled.  All gypsum must be tested and proven to be asbestos-free before we can provide a container.   Drywall is hauled to New West Gypsum where it is recycled.
No food waste
No bricks, concrete or asphalt
No tires
No hazardous waste such as asbestos, propane tanks, acid batteries, paint, oil or flammable liquids
Loads MUST be level (no debris extending over top or sides of the container)

Drywall must be accompanied by Drywall Pre-Screening Questionnaire which can be obtained from our driver - click for important info on loadscreening.

ALL drywall must be bagged and tagged with necessary paperwork.
Bins will be charged a $250 fee for sorting if drywall is mixed or hidden in the bin.

If any of the following prohibited items are at the bottom of the load so that the driver cannot see them and a fine occurs at Hartland, the fine will be passed on to the customer.

  • Drywall
  • Metal
  • partially filled paint cans/ spray cans
  • propane tanks
  • tires
  • appliances
  • cardboard



55 cents per kg for general refuse up to 1500kg and 35 cents per kg for remainder of load/per bin
55 cents per kg for metal recycling
95 cents per kg for drywall up to 1500kg and 50 for the remainder of the load/bin

$40.00/hr labour charge for bin loading, sorting out recycled or prohibited items

The above prices include ferry & Hartland tipping fees.


Pickup Fee

Bin drop/pickup fee $75.00 

Small Items pickup fee - ie mattress, washer, hot water tank, etc. (doesn not include disposal price) $40.00


Rental Fee

First seven days is free - $10.00/day bin rental after 3 days.


Weekly Residential Pickup rates

  • $7.00 +gst per bag (20kg - 44lb) Over size heavy bags will be charged for two bags.
  • Our driver must be able to lift the bag. Please no oversize cans.
  • maximum of 4 bags. You are only charged for the number of bags you put out. ie if you don’t put out a bag one week or at all for the month you will not be charged.
  • If you do plan on putting a large number of bags out during a spring or fall cleaning please call our office ahead of time so we can give our driver a heads up.
  • Bags must be in cans. If the bags are spread by animals the driver will not be responsible for pickup.
  • If you have an odd sized item that doesn’t quite fit in a bag and you aren’t sure of it getting in the truck, just give us a call.
  • To ensure pick-up, all garbage MUST be in a clearly visible position at the curb by 9:00 a.m. on your collection day. Actual collection times are not predictable and can vary from week to week.
  • In the event of snow, garbage collection might be interrupted. We will keep you advised (via this website and local media) regarding alternate arrangements.


The following materials CANNOT be included in household garbage:
yard & garden debris, other than lawn clippings
construction waste (e.g. wood, gypsum, roofing)
car parts or batteries
waste oil
paint cans
flammable or hot materials
medical waste (e.g. needles and syringes)
compact florescent lightbulbs

Backhauls from Victoria for topsoil, mulch, seasoil, sand, roadbase, etc.

North Pender Island delivery - $100.00 + GST

South Pender Island delivery - $125.00 + GST


If you have any questions, please call our office at 250-629-6690 or cell 250-881-5648.